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Can I use my own equipment?
Can I use my own equipment?
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Yes, you can use your own equipment in addition to the Underline gateway, but no additional equipment is required. The Underline gateway can be put into passthrough mode, so you can use your own device by plugging it into the back of our gateway

Every Underline member will need and receive an Underline ONT (optical network terminal). This is our

point of presence at your location and ensures that we can troubleshoot the fiber all the way into your home or office. This ONT will also act as the point of connection for future services you might add, such as TV and VoIP. Together with the Underline ONT, you can also use your own router if you want/need.

Here are a few compatible router brands for our various speed offerings. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, just a few examples. Most devices should work but Underline cannot guarantee performance.

For 500/500 Mbps and 1/1 Gig speed tiers

  • Google Wifi

  • Eero

  • Orbi

For 10/10 Gig (and below)

  • Unifi

  • Mikrotik

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