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How often can I change my Internet Service Provider?
How often can I change my Internet Service Provider?
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On your Underline network, you can change providers or increase your internet speeds (automagically! with the click of a button , but there are a few rules about how often you can make certain service changes.

Actions you can take at any time:

  • You can always upgrade your internet speed to something faster unless you’re already at the highest speed available

  • You can always take account actions like updating your contact information or payment method

Actions that will trigger a “cooldown” period within which you cannot make the same change again:

  • Changing your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

  • Downgrading to a slower internet speed

What is a “cooldown” period?

A “cooldown” period is the time between making the above changes and your next opportunity to make additional changes.

How are “cooldown” periods calculated?

Cooldowns are calculated by adding the remaining days of the current month and all the days of the next month. So, for example, if you change your ISP on May 18, you will be eligible to change it again on July 1st, 44 days later.

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